This suite is available in a wide range of corner combinations. Please enquire for additional.

Turnable Cushions | 32-34 Density

Colours: Grey, Ash, Fuschia, Turkis, Mango, Stone, Camel, Taupe, Cranberry
5 Year Warranty
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Select 3+1+1 3+2+1 3+2 3 Seater 2 Seater 1 Seater 1C2 2C1 Footstool 2-C-2
Colours Ash Camel Cranberry Fuschia Grey Mango Stone Taupe Turkis
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3 Seater

D89 x W213 x H94

2 Seater

D89 x W167 x H94

1.5 Seater

D89 x W132 x H94


D89 x W112 x H94

3 Seater Sofabed

D89 x W213 x H94

2 Seater Sofabed

D89 x W168 x H94

Large Footstool

D89 x W79 x H48

Small Footstool

D89 x W56 x H48


D89 x W81 x H94


D89 x W137 x H94


D89 x W183 x H94

Square Corner

D86 x W86 x H94


3+1+1, 3+2+1, 3+2, 3 Seater, 2 Seater, 1 Seater, 1C2, 2C1, Footstool, 2-C-2


Ash, Camel, Cranberry, Fuschia, Grey, Mango, Stone, Taupe, Turkis


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